Brand Consultation

A four-step process designed to help you
uncover the core of your ideal brand identity,
plus actionable ideas for moving forward.

  1. Pre-Session Workbook
  2. First Impressions Assessment
  3. 60-Minute Branding Session
  4. Opportunities Blueprint


Visual Voice Discovery

After a full brand consultation, we'll dig deeper into practical applications. You'll walk away with a suite of customized tools to help you more efficiently make smart decisions in future branding endeavors ~ whether you're embarking on a full rebrand, or just want to improve your Instagram feed!

Possible deliverables may include:

  • Creative brief that effectively communicates your vision to designers
  • Color psychology evaluation and palette shortlist
  • Typeface shortlist
  • Brand elements shortlist (ideal shapes, icons, textures, etc.)
  • Illustration and photography style development
  • Designer vetting and selection
  • Marketing language bank
  • Dream client/customer profile
  • Annotated mood board

Design Companion

Once you begin working with a graphic designer, copywriter, website developer, and/or other design specialist, hourly consultations are available for project feedback, designer evaluation, and guided decision-making.

(Please note that Design Companion consultations will draw from the branding guidelines developed during a Brand Consultation, and therefore are only available to existing clients who have completed that initial process.)


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