Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do your gifts cost?

Because each design we create is totally unique, we don’t limit you with fixed price points — instead, we simply have minimum order requirements (as seen in our Pricing Guide). The lowest per-gift pricing we offer is $32 each for 40+ gifts of the same design.

As long as you meet our minimums, you get to set the budget, and we’ll design within it! Your gift size, content, and other characteristics will be informed by your per-gift budget.

What gift sizes/levels do you offer?

As a fully custom studio, we don’t have fixed gift “sizes” — so as long as you meet our minimum order requirements, we’ll design your gifts to be as robust as your budget allows. To get a sense of what you can expect at various price points, take a look at our Budget Considerations.

(P.S. ~ When we say “robust,” we’re talking about quality over everything else…gift box size and item quantity don’t necessarily equal a wonderfully memorable gift, of course!)

Can I order just one gift right now?

A lot of work goes into curating totally unique gift designs, so you’ll need to order at least 15 gifts upfront (of the same design) to meet our minimums. Learn more over at our Pricing Guide.

Our event is next week — can you produce gifts by then?

Our full process typically takes 5-6 weeks for design, production, and delivery…remember, truly custom work takes time! 😉 Exact turnaround times may vary depending on the month and order size. For our current availability, click here.

Can you do a rush order?

This depends on how fully our production calendar is booked up…but it never hurts to ask. If we can make it happen, a rush fee of 15% to 25% will apply.

When is the cutoff for holiday orders?

Because of high demand during the end-of-year gifting season, holiday deposits are due near the end of October each year (check out the Holiday page for this year’s exact cutoff date). Please note this means you’ll need to schedule your gifting consultation call BEFORE the end of October!

Can you design gifts to match my company’s brand or event aesthetic?

Absolutely — that’s our specialty! Your corporate or event branding can be reflected in your artisanal gift packaging in a wide variety of ways, from color palettes to imprinted logos to custom gift tags. As part of your gift design process, we'll work with you to craft a custom look that best meets your marketing goals and budget.

We can make your brand identity feel as subtle or as explicit as you wish (although we do caution against putting your logo on everything, as this can make the experience feel less like a true gift and more like an advertisement).

Will our gifts say “Memento & Muse” anywhere on them?

By default, a small card that says "Curated and packaged for you by Memento & Muse" will be tucked discreetly within each gift. However, if you prefer White Label Packaging with no reference to Memento & Muse, you may request this for an additional fee.

We already purchased an item we’d like to be included in the gifts…is that ok?

Sure — just make sure you tell us at the beginning of the design process, so we can take the item’s physical size into account. Once your gift design has been finalized, you’ll receive instructions for shipping your items to the Memento & Muse studio.

Please note you’ll be responsible for providing Memento & Muse with your items by the due date we determine necessary to meet your deadline. Item dimension limits may apply.

Can I see gift design options before submitting a deposit?

We’re happy to share samples of our past work, and connect you with client references if requested. However, a deposit must be submitted before custom design work can begin.

Can you ship gifts directly to our recipients?

Sure, if that’s what you need! We can also ship gifts in bulk to your office, venue, or hotel.

If you choose to purchase our Deferred Delivery Service, your gifts may be stored in the Memento & Muse studio and shipped out as-needed throughout the year. The service charge for Deferred Delivery will depend on your order size, and is in addition to regular shipping charges.

Do you ship internationally?

For the most part, we ship gifts throughout the USA only.

Do you offer local delivery or pickup?

Local delivery or local pickup may be requested within the Triangle region of North Carolina; please inquire for details.